Alstom Case Study

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Alstom Transport India Ltd is part of the Railroad Rolling Stock Manufacturing Industry. Synonymous with the country’s ‘Rail Revolution’, Alstom continues to be a strategic partner in supporting India’s freight revolution and passenger movement. 

Alstom has been at the forefront of introducing several breakthrough technologies in India with world class rolling stock, rail equipment & infrastructure, signalling and services.

Alstom, Coimbatore carries out special processes of welding and adhesive bonding. The chemical materials required for these processes are required to be stored at a specific temperature to maintain the quality of the products.

For example the company uses Anabond adhesives for their processes which are required to be maintained at 20 degrees celsius. Generally, exposing adhesives to the temperature higher than its specified range, will decrease the strength of it.

Alstom to deliver a perfect product needed to maintain all the components in its perfect condition.

Alstom had a system for this in place. Everyday, the concerned person would go to the refrigeration room twice in 24 hours and note down the temperature values. This would restrict the team to very limited and unreliable data. This method was highly reliable on manual work which slowed down the entire manufacturing process and did not allow the company for any data analysis.

This manual process was how most of the companies were carrying out their monitoring processes raising the questions of efficiency and reliability.

Automation of such processes became a necessity to keep up with the precision of products and technology. Innovation in technology was meant to make human efforts easier. Automation of such processes is what technology is aiming at. It not only aims at reducing manual labour but achieves data and process precision.

Now let’s dive into how Alstom tackled and made their manufacturing process a tad bit efficient with Blake Temperature and Humidity.

Alstom’s issue was pretty simple. They wanted a robust, reliable and quick way to monitor temperature conditions of their storage. 

Their current system of monitoring at the time had more cons than pros which made them look for an alternative solution.

The company started to look for a device with an alert system and explored their options for a better manufacturing process. During this research, the company considered multiple options. It was also looking to procure an IoT module and make the alert system itself.

This is when the client came across BolT IoT. Bolt IoT is an IoT based company focused on providing IoT based solutions. Blake is a product which alerts the user in case of temperature threshold crossing while constantly logging the data on cloud.

Alstom’s journey to Bolt IoT was not focussed on one reason. Multiple turns and rounds created this journey.

It is an example that only having a perfect product is not enough for a deal to strike. Despite having an ideal product, this wasn’t the first reason for Alstom to go for this business.

The fact that Bolt IoT responded to the customer request the quickest which made the initial impact on the client.

The client service was carried out excellently and still continues to be the topmost priority of Bolt IoT which ensures customer satisfaction.

The team closely coordinates with the client to make sure that the system works perfectly and rectifies any sort of glitch as soon as possible. Bolt IoT provided OTA (Over-The-Air) updates to the device which kept the company in line with the new features.

Coming to the product, Alstom’s basic problem of unreliability and inconsistency in monitoring was solved by Blake. 

Blake temperature and humidity monitoring solution is an automated internet-connected device which cancels out cons of manual driven monitoring.

The technical features of Blake - alert system through different media such as sms, phone calls, email, Whatsapp messages made remote monitoring of Alstom manufacturing components easier and efficient.

Blake does not just stop at alerts, but provides cloud storage facilities for logging of data which allows the user to backtrack the data and analyse it.

A device with a plethora of features with upscaling functions at a reasonable price and a comfortable lead time maintained customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Blake temperature and humidity monitoring solution has improved the entire process of business. The device has not only replaced the traditional process of manual monitoring but has added value to the business with its data analysis and upscaling feature.

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