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Bolt is an IoT platform to easily and quickly build products and services. Bolt comes with a WiFi/GSM chip and a cloud platform which helps you connect your devices and sensors to the Internet. With Bolt Cloud you can control and monitor them over the internet, create personalised dashboards to visualise the data, monitor the device health, run machine learning algorithms and lot more. Build scalable IoT systems in just a days time.


What is Bolt IoT Platform?


Bolt is an Internet of Things Platform which makes your IoT development quick and easy.Bolt takes care of all the common IoT tasks such as security and scalability so that you can focus on the use case. It lets you:



Collect the Data

Easily interface your sensors with Bolt hardware unit. The hardware unit connects to the Bolt cloud out of the box.


Store the Data

Deploy database on Bolt Cloud in just a few clicks. Download data as per the requirement.


Get Insights

Get insights by deploying Graphs and charts that can visualise the raw data to and provide better understanding in mere seconds.

What Does Bolt Offer?



Hardware Integration

With the highly functional hardware board with a WiFi or GSM chip & simplified APIs you can interface Bolt with your product with minimal effort via UART, GPIO, SPI and any other common communication protocol.


Robust Communication

Bolt offers you secure and robust communication between your product & Bolt cloud using popular IoT communication standards like MQTT.


AI & Data Visualisation

Get insights from your data through handy features like data visualisation using various graphs, analytics and AI to predict the near future data.



Bolt offers data & communication security between your product & the cloud & ensures that no third party or person can access to any user/data information without prior permissions.


Mobile Application

Using Bolt APIs you can easily develop customised Smartphone apps and web dashboards.


Built to Scale

With smaller codes and easy deployable options, mass programming for even thousand or more Bolt units stands just a few clicks away.


Over-the-Air Updates

Over-the-air updates to all the bolt units simultaneously makes scalability and management simpler than ever.


Access Management

Grant authorised personnel access to use the service, control what they can and cannot see and do, track and manage data from multiple accounts.


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Case Studies


Banking Notification Cube


Our baking clients uses Bolt to improve security and user interaction by developing a Notification Cube powered by Bolt, that glows in different colours to notify different types of transactions and can be stopped by a tap on it.

Tobacco Barn Monitor



The tobacco barn monitor is using Bolt to monitor and analyse temperature and humidity levels within it Tobacco curing barns. The device also sends alert in case the values cross the threashold. The device has been deployed by ITC for some of its Barns.




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Are you an Enterprise looking for an IoT Solution for your Products and Services?


   Through the help of our partner companies, we offer everything from:

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