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How does it work?
1) Hardware Module
2) Bolt Cloud
3) Analytics
4) Machine Learning-1
Hardware Module Interface sensors to the WiFi-enabled Bolt microcontroller module.
Bolt Cloud Remotely configure, monitor and control your devices.
Analytics Get insights via visualization and machine learning
Machine Learning Predict the next data set using ML
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mac book
WiFi enabled Microcontroller module
WiFi Microcontroller module An easy interface to quickly connect your hardware to cloud over GPIO, UART, and ADC. Also, connects to MODBUS, I2C, and SPI with an additional converter.
Robust Communication
ROBUST COMMUNICATION Bolt is equipped with industry standard protocols to ensure a Secure and fast communication of your device data with the cloud.
SECURITY Bolt has built-in safeguards to secure all user data from unwanted third-party intrusions and hacks.
Machine Learning
MACHINE LEARNING Deploy machine learning algorithms with just a few clicks to detect anomalies as well as predict sensor values.
mac book
ALERTS Utilize Bolt’s quick alert system providing invaluable information sent directly to your phone or Email. You can config the contact details and set the threshold.
Mobile App Ready-02
MOBILE APP READY Customize and control your devices through Mobile apps. Bolt gives you full freedom to design your own mobile app centered around your requirements to monitor and control.
Global Infrastructure & Easy Scalability-02
GLOBAL INFRASTRUCTURE AND EASY SCALABILITY Bolt lets you scale from prototype to millions of devices in just a few weeks time.
Over the air updates-02
OVER THE AIR UPDATES Simultaneously program or update all your Bolt powered IoT devices wherever they are. Bolt offers you unparalleled scalability and elasticity to help your business grow.

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