Wireless Temperature and Humidity Monitor

Internet-connected, automated temperature and humidity monitoring.


  1. Hardware device with display and alarm
  2. Cloud subscription that comes with:
    1. Automated logging for audit
    2. Monitor in real-time over dashboard & mobile app.
    3. Alerts over email, phone call and WhatsApp
  3. Highly accurate and reliable sensors

A. Features of hardware device

  • Built-in display screen to show the sensor values.

  • Buzzer alarm rings to alert if the sensor values cross the threshold.

  • Connects to the Internet over WiFi. Option of GSM available.

  • Comes with a certificate of calibration from 3rd party lab to ensure high accuracy.

B. Features of AMC and Cloud

  • Automated data logging to cloud
  • Data storage for 1 year. Option to store for a longer period.

  • Real-time monitoring via desktop and mobile apps

  • Alerts in case the temperature or humidity crosses the threshold:

    • Email

    • Mobile app push notification

    • SMS
    • Phone Call
    • WhatsApp

  • One device calibration with a certificate every year to ensure the accuracy of the data

Use cases

  • Food storage and manufacturing

  • Cold rooms

  • Clean rooms

  • Data centres and server rooms

  • Industrial manufacturing and shop floor

  • Pharmaceutical and medical