Why should a school student learn to build Robots?

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Whenever we talk to parents of school students about the Robotics workshop, a common question we get is “Why should they start learning Robotics at such a young age?” There are many answers to this question. Here are some of them:

1. It helps them in performing better at school

This may be the most common answer you as a parent gets when someone is trying to sell you a product 😜. Well, after all, as a parent, you are most concerned about the performance of your child in their studies. So I suggest you carefully read the part given ahead. Robotics involves writing software code and building electronic gadgets. During our workshops, we have seen time and again that students who perform well in writing software code and build electronics circuits also do well in classroom studies. This generally happens because writing code and building Robotics circuits requires them to also learn the basics of concepts of math and science taught in school. If they wish to learn to build Robots, then they also need to be good at school subjects, especially maths, science and languages. This inspires them to do well at school, as well. Also, Robotics helps them understand and practice application of the concepts taught at school, thus helping them better understand maths and science.


2. They can learn while they have fun

While I am a firm believer in the importance of getting good marks in school, I also believe that most of the school students are not exactly happy to go to school. Even when I was in school, I was not exactly excited to go to school in the morning. There is a good chance that this was the case with you as well.
But some of the children are super excited to learn when it comes to electronic gadgets and software. Is this the case with your child as well? Then this is a win-win situation. Your child gets to learn new concepts and also enjoy the process.


3. Find out the right career choice

While learning to build Robots, your child will learn to write some software code and design electronic circuits. This is an excellent opportunity for them to figure out if engineering is something that interests them. Thus learning Robotics helps them make the right career choice.


4. Development of logical and abstract thinking

I see a lot of website and companies that sell Robotics, coding and software programming workshops for school students tell about how it helps in improving their logical and abstract thinking. Mostly this is accompanied by some statistics such as "Kids who code score +75% higher in logic & abstract thinking." I believe that these numbers are correct. Building Robots by Software programming and electronic circuit design is, after all, a game of logic and abstract thinking.


5. Your child can win prizes and competition

Here is an excellent part. A lot of our students who have learnt Robotics from us have gone on to participate in competitions against engineering students and even won against them. YES! THIS IS TRUE! 😊. One student, Raunak Hede went on to teach Robotics to 100s of other school students from remote villages of Goa. He was invited as a speaker at TedX to share his experience with the world.

A few parents are sceptical if their child will be able to achieve such a feat. Well, if your child has an interest in electronics gadgets and computers then yes, they too can participate in competitions designed for engineering students after undergoing our Robotics workshop. This is possible since we teach them the concepts of software programming and electronics from basics. Also, they learn the topics that are taught in the engineering 1st and 2nd year. However, we have taken care to guide them in such a way that even the school students can understand them well.

When they can participate against students two times their age, it is a huge confidence boost that they can achieve big. This confidence has led to most of our students getting enrolled in prestigious institutes such as the IITs, BITS, NITs and other foreign universities after 12th studies.


How can your child start learning to build Robots?

So how should your child start learning to Build Robots? For this, we have created an online video Robotics workshop which teaches the school students to build Robots in a step by step manner. It will also cover various concepts of Electronics circuit design and software programming.

This workshop teaches to build 8 different Robots your child will make as part of it. What's more? The training fee also includes an extensive Robotics kit worth Rs.7,500/- that will help you build these projects. 

I would highly recommend you to visit school.boltiot.com now and know more about the workshop.


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Pranav Pai Vernekar
Co-Founder and CEO at Bolt IoT

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