Molbio Diagnostics Case Study


Molecular Diagnostics has long been the realm of huge central laboratories, requiring patients and material to travel vast distances in order to perform a test. This creates a slew of logistical and technical issues, resulting in higher costs and longer turnaround times. The accuracy of such findings, as well as the impact of such interventions on treatment outcomes, has always been questioned. As a result, such dependable and cutting-edge technologies that have the potential to save millions of lives, alleviate suffering, and reduce disease burden and antimicrobial resistance have had a low acceptance. Lack of timely access to adequate diagnostics has been the scourge of health-care demands, especially in Low and Middle Income Countries.

Molbio Diagnostics' Truelab Real Time quantitative micro PCR system decentralises and democratises access to molecular diagnostics by bringing PCR technology to the point-of-care in all laboratory and non-laboratory settings, primary centres, in the field, near patients, and essentially at all levels of healthcare. With a growing menu of infectious disease assays, this quick, portable technology allows for early and accurate diagnosis as well as the beginning of appropriate therapy directly at the site of contact. With the capacity to work even in Primary Health Centres and wireless data transfer capabilities, this game-changing technology ushers in a paradigm shift in the global fight against infectious disease control and management.

Almost all the disease tests are carried out at Molbio such as H1N1, TB, Covid etc. The major ones are Covid and TB. The covid test products cover 60 percent of the company portfolio.

Temperature and humidity are just two factors that need to be upheld to avoid scrutiny, contamination, comfort for personnel, and maintain a positive safety culture. 

Improper temperature and humidity controls can lead to the following:

  • Contamination of specimens leading to wastage
  • Static buildup on some instruments and equipments
  • Problematic uncertainty ratios about the results efficacy
  • Non adherence to government regulation making the batch ineffective.

While all the above points are generally of concern to a pharmaceutical company, Molbio diagnostics feared the most about their uncertainty in the results due to a noticeable gap between the readings.

As a diagnostics company, temperature and humidity monitoring is important to avoid mistakes in the readings. Absence of digital monitoring made it difficult to get accurate readings. When the same parameters were monitored by the calibration party, values were different. For example, humidity readings showed 8 to 9% variation. Hence the company wanted to go for a digital system of monitoring to increase accuracy.

It is vital that the company maintain these thresholds not only because of the government regulation but to deliver accurate products and results to the end consumer. Any anomaly in the medical sector can compromise the health of the customer.

We often stick to our old methods and means because of the ease and comfort. It is a common human tendency to be continuing with the existing methods which they are used to for being in the comfort zone. But the fact that innovation is based on the basis to make the processes and lives better and easier. It just requires one step forward to embrace innovation.

Bolt IoT is a company which is aimed at making this kind of monitoring easier, accurate and efficient. Blake Temperature and Humidity Monitoring solution is an automated internet-connected device. 

Molbio Diagnostics’ major reason to look for a monitoring device was to shift to a digital system and Blake sufficed their this requirement.

Apart from being a digital device, Blake was appreciated and preferred by Molbio Diagnostics for the following features which helped the company to get better results:

  • Cloud storage
  • Alert system
  • Quality assurance accuracy
  • Quick customer service

Blake device is built to make monitoring of temperature and humidity wifi-based. It is a complete blend of innovation and authenticity of the process.

The advantages reaped from the device could vary from company to company. Molbio diagnostics stated the key advantages of Blake to the company to be:

  • Alert system for threshold crossing as well as power failure.
  • Remote monitoring
  • No need of manual resource for monitoring

The company saw the advantages of Blake beyond its features. For any deal, customer service is of prime importance and it was one of the key attractions to the company. The prompt response from Bolt IoT about any query, constant upscaling of features to keep up with the time and hassle free installation help build a trustworthy business relationship.

In conclusion, it is not easy to change but a leap towards innovation can only keep you on par with your competitors. Blake is an IoT solution to the temperature and humidity monitoring problem of the pharmaceutical industry. An IoT product with cloud storage can improve business with the availability of data analysis. Desirable product, reasonable price and consistent upscaling of the product along with the top notch customer service can lead the company to potential success.

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