Cloud Storage and Computing - Need of changing times


The development of social media, Internet of Things devices, and sensors has resulted in a massive data explosion. While more data is always welcome, it has its own set of problems, particularly in terms of data management. Data that isn't properly maintained is as good as having no data at all.

We all have owned multiple devices in our lifetime through the evolution of technology. May it be a basic set of mobile or a high performance laptop. With changing dynamics of electronic devices, the increase in data has been constant.

The size of data is on increase and has posed a question of storage since the past few years. The total amount of data created, captured, copied, and consumed globally was forecast to have increased rapidly, reaching 64.2 zettabytes in 2020.

According to research by IDC, organisations expect a 30-40% growth in data (mostly unstructured) annually. IDC expects that by 2025, 87% of the world’s total storage would reside on the cloud.

All sectors are now conditioned to revolve around data. Data has been the driving force of businesses with informative insights and multiple levels of data analysis. When the data is of the utmost importance, its storage becomes the vital component of the process. 

The evolution of data storage has been in accordance with the requirements of the business. Data storage has progressed from magnetic drums and cassettes to hard disc drives, mixed media, flash, and finally cloud storage over the last 90 years. The latest commonly used medium being cloud storage.

Cloud storage enables you to be less reliable on hardware storage. Data loss due to hard disk failure is common and can lead to huge loss for the data driven business. Cloud storage eliminates the fear of loss of data due to hardware malfunction. Also, with cloud storage the data can be accessed from any part of the world with the provision of the internet.

One such application which finds cloud storage useful is IoT based temperature and Humidity Monitoring.

What sets Blake apart from the other devices in the market is the provision of cloud storage, easy installation and WhatsApp alerts.

Blake Temperature and Humidity Monitoring Solution aims at making the monitoring solution of storages and warehousing better. This IoT based solution is a clear example of satisfying the market requirement with the dynamic tools.

A business flourishes when it goes hand in hand with the changing dynamics of the time and technology. The temperature and humidity monitoring solutions have shifted from just being locally monitored to now being logged on cloud. 

Blake Temperature and Monitoring solution’s cloud storage gives it an edge over other locally monitoring solutions by leveraging cloud storage.

Here are advantages of the cloud storage of the data:

  • Flexible device experience: Data gets logged in to the cloud storage continuously.
  • As data is stored on the cloud, it can be analysed from any part of the globe.This data can be accessed via your phone or web browser from any part of the world.
  • Configuration is centralised as the data can be accessed from the one cloud storage.
  • Hassle free installation and set up
  • Also, with the data analysed, the required improvements can be done.
  • It also creates transparency as the real time data can be viewed and accessed by all the stakeholders.
  • Scalability - the business can avail the limited storage required at a particular point of time.

According to research by Gartner, once the initial migration to cloud is complete, subsequent cloud costs lesser.

Cloud Storage in general has multiple advantages and all the big applications are run with the help of cloud services. We have been using cloud services in our phones to store our data and have been saved by the cloud storage in case of a local data loss. The same relief can be achieved in your business with the help of cloud computing.

But the awareness about the benefits of the cloud has not yet reached the potential customers. People choose locally monitoring devices for the short term pocket friendly advantages. But in reality spending a few bucks on the cloud service can make the business earn big value in the future.

Companies are becoming more agile, and the cloud is the current option to keep up. You can scale up and down your resources with a few simple clicks in the cloud, and only pay for what you need.

Blake Temperature and Humidity Monitoring Solution can minimise the risk of loss of data and further provides multiple advantages such as data analysis and multiple use accessibility.

Businesses are in time to make a shift towards a more efficient and data predictive future with cloud storage

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