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Over the years, the pharmaceutical industry has ensured effective drug manufacturing that helps in therapy, treatment and prevention of patient’s lives. With the growing number of health disorders on the global level, the pharmacy sector has evolved in producing medicines & drugs that improve quality of living. This is why pharma has gained huge importance in human society.

When an industry is of vital importance, any negligence can have serious repercussions. Once such mishap occurs, it is difficult for the company to gain the customer's trust again!

To ensure the effectiveness of the pharmaceuticals within a pharmacy and pharmaceutical storage spaces, the environment must be ideal and consistent. Humidity has numerous ramifications for pharmaceuticals, as moisture promotes de-sterilization, irreversible instability, and oxidative degradation due to the sensitive proteins contained in many medications. Temperature and humidity changes can cause dangerous chemical deterioration that is difficult to detect in extreme circumstances. The best option to assure the appropriate atmosphere for stored medications and retain their safety and effectiveness for patients is to use temporary climate control systems.

Pharmaceutical industry is a vital part of life.  Since the inception of the pandemic, pharmaceutical services have seen exponential growth.

When a sector is so much a part of normal life, the utmost care goes into its entire cycle of production. Till these pharmaceutical products reach our doorstep they need to be produced, stored and transported in the optimum condition required. The condition in which the drugs need to be kept has multiple factors. Two of the major factors being temperature and humidity.

India is the largest provider of generic drugs globally and third largest in production by volume. The domestic pharmaceutical industry includes a network of 3000 companies and around 10500 manufacturing units. This sector has ample potential and carries the responsibility of producing and delivering safe pharmaceutical products. In recent years there have been increasing investments in the sector due to its abundant potential.

In such a high demanding sector, every little aspect is important. There are multiple regulations and specifications to be followed by the pharmaceutical industry. Manufacturing of medicines is a critical process and slightest of the negligence can affect the composition of products and deem unfit for use.

There are many challenges faced by the sector in the issues of warehousing of the medicines. If medicines are not kept under the required temperature and humidity can lose its effect and leave the medicines useless. This is harmful to human life as well as business. 

A small step towards monitoring temperature and humidity can save the pharmaceutical industry from huge wastage and monetary loss.

Drugs to be deemed as useful need to be pure, effective and safe. To ensure that this is the final condition in which these products get delivered to the end users, manufacturing, warehousing and storage forms the integral part of the process.

Temperature and humidity form the 

  • Temperature Control: Drugs, if exposed to temperature beyond the specified range can become ineffective at best and dangerous at worst. Hence they need to be maintained in the specified temperature range.
  • Humidity control: Moisture forming inside the packaging can affect the effectiveness of the medicine. Hence maintaining optimum humidity becomes an important activity of storage.

Monitoring the required fields might have felt a cumbersome or difficult process a couple of decades back. But with today’s technology, these tasks are just one push away.

It is not easy or feasible to keep checking temperature and humidity every moment. A system needs to be in place for it.

There have been many such devices which have made their appearances in the market. But it is difficult to choose the most suitable for your company.

To select any product, the first thing to check would be to see if all your requirements are met and what value it would add to your business.

One such device which has brought a relief to temperature and humidity monitoring issues of the pharmaceutical sector is - Blake Humidity and Monitoring Solution by Bolt IoT Inventrom Private Limited. 

Blake is an IoT based automated temperature and humidity monitoring device. It consists of a hardware device with an alarm system. The signature part of the system is AMC and cloud subscription which enables the system for automated logging for audit, alerts over email and WhatsApp and real time monitoring dashboard.

As Blake is an IoT based system which allows the user to monitor parameters, making the entire process easy and efficient. Online data logging enables the company to look back at weekly or monthly data.

With the Blake system, one can monitor the storage facility remotely and get the alerts (sms, email, phone calls, Whatsapp messages), in case of any unusual temperature and humidity conditions other than the specified range. 

With just one time installation a loss of multitude could be avoided and ensure a safe and optimum storage of drugs. Blake has been developed keeping in mind the pharmaceutical sector. 

Blake system also extends its application by providing cloud storage. Cloud storage of the monitored data can help the company in predictive and prescriptive analysis. Machine Learning algorithms on this data can explain different patterns and come up with conclusive results helpful for implementing actions advantageous to the company. 

To conclude, pharmaceutical companies should implement robust devices such as blake temperature and monitoring solutions which will safeguard the business from huge losses of products and money as well make informed decisions using data analysis with the help of cloud storage.

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