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Industry 4.0 - a trending topic, key word in almost every technological innovation article. This term which might seem to be a way ahead for the big tech companies is now a leverage for every magnitude of business.

In brief, industry 4.0 is a way of making the manufacturing processes easier and efficient with automation. With the availability of technology like the Internet of Things, manufacturing processes have seen a rise in productivity and efficiency.

The term smart factories is used to define such manufacturing entities. Innovation in technology is to drive the future to a better and improved version of the existing situation.

Smart factories make use of sensors, internet and automation to make the process more precise, accurate and efficient. 

When such automated processes are encouraged, the manual resource can be focused on important manual resource intensive tasks.

To understand such a trending concept, it's not necessary to look at what big companies are doing. Whenever we hear of any technological innovation, the first names to pop up are Google, Microsoft and Apple. This seems like an unreachable world for small businesses. 

But automation has made a headway into small businesses as well.

Small businesses have now stepped into the automation sector to benefit from these trending technologies.

Blake temperature and humidity monitoring solution by Bolt IoT is a product of innovation for companies trying to shift towards automated processes.

It is an automated WiFi based device with cloud storage. The device can monitor the parameters and inform the user through an alert system in case any values outside the range is detected.

One of the highlights of the device being that the room can be monitored remotely. Earlier monitoring processes used to be done manually. A person was appointed to measure these parameters periodically. Such cumbersome processes were inefficient and not reliable. An automated monitoring system is an answer to all the problems faced by the traditional processes.

Blake was developed to replace such traditional processes. Automation in some high priority sectors can make the entire business process faster, accurate and efficient.

Cloud storage provision of the device can log the data periodically for data analysis using machine learning. This system on Blake predicts anomalies before any mishaps occur.

The alert system of Blake enables the user to choose what alert system which best suits the business. Alerts via sms, whatsapp, emails, phone calls, slack etc give the customers choice to select the medium of their convenience for alerts.

In addition to the above perks, Blake sensors are completely autonomous eliminating the need of gateways and transmitters. In case of power failures, the device sends alerts to the user which ensures that the appropriate steps are taken to get the system back on monitoring.

Blake is a simple IoT application, easy-to-use device which customers can leverage to improve their businesses. 

Due to the lack of awareness and fancy terms used in these innovations, most of the businesses are hesitant to take advantage of such opportunistic devices.

Bolt IoT with a great product is looking forward to taking automation to every business. Innovation holds meaning only when the stakeholders know the importance and are able to make use of it.

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