Just 4 Steps, 5 mins, Build Voice Controlled Light

Amazon Alexa for IoT and Home Automation Project


We connected the Amazon Echo with the light in the room to build a voice-controlled light. Just say, Alexa! Turn on the light, and the lights come on. 

The best part, this project is super easy to build and take about 5 mins to get ready. Ok! Maybe a bit more than 5 mins but can undoubtedly be completed in an hour even if you are starting from scratch and have no previous experience.

In this project, I have assumed that you have already linked your Bolt WiFi module with your Bolt cloud account. If you have not yet done so, please download the Bolt IoT app for iOS and Android and follow the steps in the App.


Here is how the information flows:

Words from your mouth -> Amazon Echo -> IFTTT -> Bolt Cloud via APIs -> Bolt WIFi Module -> LED


Here is a video of the project in action:


Things used in this project

Hardware components

  • Amazon Echo with Alexa
  • LED
  • Bolt WiFi Module

You can get most of these components with the Bolt IoT & ML Starter Kit. The kit is included as part of the Bolt IoT and ML hands-on video training.

Software apps and online services

  • Bolt Cloud
  • IFTTT Webhooks

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Pranav Pai Vernekar
Co-Founder and CEO at Bolt IoT