Vinayak Shantaram Joshi

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    Ever wondered why the scientific community switched from using Fahrenheit for measuring temperature to Celsius?

    Foot-Fall counter with the Bolt Cloud PRO

    Planning for a big event in the near future?

    Want to keep track of how many people come to your event, so you can brag about how good your event...

    Servo Motor Control with Bolt IoT

    Ever had to work with a project where you had moving parts?

    Dodge that brick! with Bolt IoT

    I was chilling around with my friends the other day, when one of them asked me if it was possible to make a game that they could play using the...

    Humidity and Temperature Monitoring System

    A quick and easy system to monitor the Humidity and Temperature of your environment.

    IoT-Enabled LCD Display

    Want data at a quick glance? This project helps you set up internet connected display, which you can control over the Internet.

    Build a Smart Garden with IoT Plant Monitoring System

    Monitor the sunlight and water content of your plants and get alerts when you need to act. No coding. Just drag and drop the logic.

    Home Automation

    Build a smart lamp and make your life easy.

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