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Bidirectional Visitor Counter System

Smart Parking System

Buzzer Symphony Using Bolt IoT Cloud Platform

Automatic Garden Irrigation System

Smart Water Management System

Automatic Curtain using BolT IoT Module

Portable Smart Switch Controller

Control Any Elevator Using Your Smartphone

IoT Based Flood Monitoring And Alerting System

Smart Security System using Bolt IoT

Smart Home Voice Assistant (Jarvis)

Smart Green House System Using Bolt IoT

Traffic Light Control using BOLT IoT Module

Real time Noise Pollution Alert

Smart Ombrometer Built using Bolt IoT

Fight COVID-19 Contactless lighting using Bolt IoT

Fight COVID-19 Bolt quarantine survival robot

Sanitize to fight COVID-19 using Bolt IoT

Fight COVID-19 by washing your hands using Bolt IoT

ML Powered Temperature and Humidity Prediction

Smart Door with Face Unlock using Bolt IoT

Voice Activated DIY Pet Feeder Using Bolt

Internet controlled Robot with Bolt IoT

DIY Pet Feeder Using Bolt IoT Platform

IoT-Based Intruder Detection System

Spooky candy box with the Bolt IoT platform

Build a powerful single board computer using IoT

Alarm clock using Bolt WiFi module

DIY Pet Feeder Using Bolt for Cloud Pro

IoT-Enabled Serial LCD Display

Servo Motor Control with Bolt IoT

5 minutes, few steps and Google turn on the lights

Fahrenheit vs Celsius.  Which is better?

Foot-Fall counter with the Bolt Cloud PRO

Dodge that brick! with Bolt IoT

Alert me on temperature data

Just 4 Steps, 5 mins, Build Voice Controlled Light

Humidity and Temperature Monitoring System

Smart Garden with IoT Plant Monitoring System

Home Automation project with Bolt IoT